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Become a CDS Agent - Connected Dealer Services

Looking for Unlimited Income Potential? Become a CDS Agent.

As a CDS Agent, you’ll have the opportunity to sell car dealerships a leading-edge lot management tool that can later be sold through to car buyers. They profit, you profit, everybody wins. CDS Agents are able to:

  • Increase earnings and tap into a re-occurring revenue stream
  • Boost customer loyalty with cutting-edge technology that pays for itself
  • Win more business with an innovative solution that increases the per vehicle profit for dealerships
  • Receive hands-on training from our Agent Success Team
  • Focus on selling while we provide back office and marketing support
  • Maximize profits with a dedicated territory – ask us for details

Become a CDS Agent today and make $$$ selling the tech that car dealerships want and need to protect their profits.

To get started, just fill out the form below!

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